Master Code

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for Andriod
Master Code is a new kind of decoding games !!!
The principle of Master Code is simple : A code is generated from the keyboard of a mobile phone.
Every number represents one of the letters of the concerned touch (2 → A, B or C), (3 → D, E or F), etc., the goal being to find the word hidden behind the code.

You can give the code word thanks to the small arrows up/down. Turn the letters from the beginning, and don't hesitate to turn them while you are looking for, that really helps!
You can begin with the FREE MODE if you find that a bit difficult at the beginning, there is no time constraint!
You can also change the language into the settings.

Master Code includes:
- 7 avatars and different color theme
- A Day mode and Night mode
- 50 achievements & 4 leaderboards Google Play Games
- 3 languages available (french - english - spanish)

Find as many words as possible, the level of difficulty increases with less and less time to find the code word at each level crossing.

99 seconds to find as many words as possible. Each correct answer gives you 5 more seconds, plus the use of bonus time.

Train by decoding as many words as you want without pressure with unlimited time!

Have fun in Master Code and find the good word !!!