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+ 3, ETC

for Andriod
From now on you can do all your banking business by mobile anytime and anywhere using our photoTAN Service.

This photoTAN Service always applies when you authorize your online banking orders by TAN. Simply scan the graphics using the photoTAN App which includes all the details of your order. The app then generates a TAN which you type into your online banking screen and confirm.

Even more convenience with our new App2App Service
If you installed the photoTAN App and the VWFS AG Banking App you can do your banking business by our App2App Service.

Simply input your order into our banking app, click onto “Zur photoTAN-App” and you will directly be transferred to the photoTAN App. Your order details will be encrypted and transferred to the photoTAN App and displayed to you for checking. Simply confirm your order by clicking “Ausführen” and the TAN will be encrypted and transferred to the banking app. There you can finally confirm your order.