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Get latest result updates and details for upcoming Vidhan Sabha Election of Jharkhand and New Delhi (NCT of Delhi) 2019 - 2020 and watch live results of Jharkhand Election and New Delhi (NCT of Delhi) Election 2019 - 2020. Results are taken from the website Election Commission of India and presented in more appropriate format with functionality to search and also see party wise results. We have added a new section to get live results and user can see results of each parliament constituency, state wise seats won by BJP, Congress, SP, BSP, RJD, JDU, JDS, Akali Dal, TMC, TRS, YSRCP, TDP, AIADMK, DMK, MCP, Shiv Sena and all other parties.

* Jharkhand and New Delhi (NCT of Delhi) Vidhan Sabha Election
* Jharkhand election live results and New Delhi (NCT of Delhi) election live results
* Live Election Results and Updates
* Past Election result detail and analysis
* Future result prediction based on past results
* Election Schedule and Candidate List
* Voter Turnout details, Winning Margin, Winner Candidate, Runners-up, etc details

Application predicts winner on each parliament seat based on past election results like Lok Sabha Election 2014, state assembly elections of Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, West Bengal, Punjab, etc.

Lok Sabha Election 2019 candidate list and lok sabha election 2019 schedule, assembly election schedule and bye election schedule is also available in the application with final candidates for specific vidhan sabha or lok sabha seat.

Also bye election of Goa, Gujarat, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Puducherry, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland schedule and candidate list is available in the application.

Application also provides past election detailed analysis, current General Election 2019 schedule, candidates list on each parliament constituency, vote share of each party in past elections and winning probability based on past vote share. User can create different coalition or gathabandhan in each state and winning probability of coalition. So one may find what may be the effects of different coalition and how much impact it may have on final results.

User can know vote share of each party like BJP, Congress, SP, BSP, NDA, JD(U), Shivsena, UPA, BJD, DMK, AIADMK, TMC, NCP, YSRCP, etc on each parliament seat, also vote share in each separate assembly constituency falling in the lok sabha seat. So one may decide, by giving vote to which party it may make big impact on final results.

This application has three sections:

Winner Prediction
Election Analysis
Election Schedule

A. Winner Prediction : This section predicts winner based on past election results and considering impact of Gathabandhan, if there is any. User need to select General Election 2014 or specific assembly election of state. App calculates combination and gives winning predictions.

B. Election Analysis : This section will give result details of Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha, also by polls.

C. Election Schedule : Schedule of General Election 2019 and other upcoming assembly elections with List of Candidates.

General Lok Sabha elections in 2019 for various states in India
Assembly Elections of each state which will happen in since 2014 to 2018 - 19, like
MP (Madhya Pradesh) , Rajasthan , Chhattisgarh , Karnataka , Mizoram , Meghalaya , Nagaland, Tripura, UP, Gujarat, etc.

In this app you can get previous election information and also find out total votes of india, NOTA votes, absent voters count, etc.